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How to Get Rid of Rust On A Bike

Rusting in a bike occurs due to multiple reasons. And one of the reasons would be poor maintenance. Therefore, if you are a bike owner, it’s essential to maintain your bike properly to avoid rust.

Regardless, there are various ways to get rid of rust on a bike. For instance, you can use baking soda to remove minor rust. Note that baking soda is known as a great agent for getting rid of rust. In addition, it also doesn’t cause any damage to your bike. So, you can use this method timely on your bike to remove the rust.

And to follow this process, here is what you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Bowl to mix
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Lime juice

First, mix the baking soda and water in a bowl and stir continuously until a paste is formed. You can also use lemon juice in the paste. It is excellent for getting rid of tough rust. Second, apply the paste on the part where there is rust. You can use a sponge or a brush for applying the paste. Now, the next step is to scrub the area with a brush or a scrubbing pad.

The next step is to leave the paste for a few minutes to let it seep to the core of the rust. After leaving for some minutes, wipe off the paste with a clean cloth. Make sure that it’s cleansed thoroughly with no residue. You can apply oil-based paint or wax on your bike to avoid getting rust in the future.

How to get rid of rust on a bike chain

Rust on a bike chain happens to most bike owners. So, here are some of the steps that you can follow to remove rust on a bike chain:

  1. The first step is to clean the dirt or debris on a chain. You can use a cloth to get rid of mud and a brush to remove the grime.
  2. Now, get a scrubbing pad, preferably the steel one. Dip into the lime juice and scrub the chain. Furthermore, take the chain out of your bike to remove the hidden rust. Soak the chain in the lime juice for an hour.
  3. After the rust is gone, wipe it dry with a towel. Make sure that the chain is thoroughly dried before attaching it to the bike.
  4. The final step is to lubricate the chain. It protects the chain from getting rust.

How to get rid of rust on a bike frame

The process to remove rust on a bike frame follows almost the same process as the chain. In addition, the bike frame is not as sensitive as the bike chain. So, you can use a strong removal solution to get rid of the rust.

The first step is to apply the removal solution to the surface that has rust on it. Leave the solution on the surface for 10-20 minutes. The next step is to scrub the solution. Here it would be best to use a steel scrub or a plastic brush to clean it. You can continue to wash until the rust is entirely removed.

After you are done with the scrubbing, leave the bike for ten minutes before wiping off the solution. It is advisable to keep the cycle in a cool place after the cleaning process. You can use a chemical solution like WD 40 to eliminate the rust that is tough to go away.

How to get rid of rust on a bike handlebar

Rusting tends to happen also on a bike handlebar. And if you want to avoid using the chemical solution to remove rust, you can follow DIYs (Do It Yourself). Here is one of the popular DIY that you can follow:

  1. First, you need to get lime juice, salt, a brush, a cup, and a cloth.
  2. Now, mix the lime juice and salt in a bowl or a cup. It should form a paste and blend well with a spoon.
  3. The next step is to apply the paste to the handlebar with a sponge. Now, put the paste on the rusted area and leave it for ten minutes. Note that the paste doesn’t drop to the non-rusted surface.
  4. After ten minutes, use the brush to clean the rusted part. You can scrub until the rust is removed from the handlebar.
  5. Now that the rust is gone wipe the handlebar with the water. You should make sure that all water is wiped off the bike to avoid rusting in the future.

How to get rid of rust on a bike wheel

There are multiple ways to get rid of rust on a bike wheel. Furthermore, the process is similar to the handlebar or a bike frame. You can use an anti-rust spray to get rid of the rust. And if you don’t have a chemical rust remover, then you can do DIY. As mentioned earlier, baking soda is a great agent of cleaning. In addition, you can add both baking soda and lime juice to get rid of tough rust.

So, the first step is to make a paste of lime juice and baking soda. It is followed by the mixing of the paste into a dense form. Now apply the paste with a brush on the wheel. Make sure that the paste doesn’t fall off the non-rusted part. Scrub the rust part with a toothbrush.

You can reapply the paste if the rust doesn’t go off initially. It will be better to leave the paste for ten minutes. After ten minutes, you wipe off the paste with a clean cloth. Use a wet cloth to remove the residue and make sure that it’s cleaned properly.

If your bike wheel is heavily rusted, it would be better to use a chemical rust remover. Some rust doesn’t go off with a homemade cleaning agent. Therefore, it would be better to get an anti-rust remover to cleanse the rust.


Rust is a major problem for bicycles. It can cause the bike to break, and it makes the bike look bad. There are several ways to get rid of rust, and they all involve some effort. However, getting rid of rust will make the bike look and work better. So, take the time to get rid of that rust and enjoy your bike more!