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Best Women’s Padded Bike Shorts [2022 Update]

Although cycling is a great way to get exercise, many women may feel self-conscious wearing shorts while on their bikes. padded bike shorts are designed to fit snugly and protect your thighs from abrasions and chafing. They also have built-in padding that helps to reduce the impact of bumps and bruises on your legs. Whether you’re riding for recreation or commuting to work, these bike shorts are a perfect addition to your cycling wardrobe.

Why Do You Need a Padded Bike Short?

Padded bike shorts aren’t just for giving you a little cushion while you sit on your bike seat all day. They provide far more important functions than that. Getting yourself a nice pair of bike shorts with a well-made and high-quality chamois (or crotch-area padding) is extremely important if you want to do regular biking.

A good pair of bike shorts will prevent chafing, disperse road vibrations, and reduce the pressure your bike ride puts on pressure points in your legs and groin area. These are all important for comfort, efficiency, and long-term health as well.

  • Preventing chafing

Mostly everyone, whether you’re a biker or not, is familiar with chafing. Chafing is the uncomfortable rash and burning sensation that comes with sweaty legs rubbing together during physical activity. This is quite common in biking due to the high physical demands and the constant peddling.

Chafing is extremely uncomfortable and if left unchecked can make biking unbearable. This means if you plan on biking regularly or for long distances, preventing it should be one of your top priorities.

Nothing is better for preventing chafing than a good pair of bike shorts. The groin area padding, or chamois, will keep your thighs separated from one another in order to avoid chafing, allowing you longer, less painful, and more comfortable bike rides.

  • Road vibrations

Even the smoothest roads aren’t perfect, and plenty of vibrations come from your bike’s rubber tires rolling over the road over periods of time. These vibrations can travel through the tires and through the frame of the bike, eventually reaching your body.

This can cause pain over the course of a long bike ride, and make the experience a lot less pleasant than it otherwise could be. This pain can also subsist awhile, making it so you have to wait longer between bike rides when you really just want to get out on the road again.

A high-quality pair of bike shorts with a good chamois can be an effective solution to road vibrations. Having padding to absorb the vibrations will significantly reduce the pain that slowly builds up over the course of your rides, even on the smoothest roads. This means that wearing a good pair of bike shorts will relieve pain and allow you to go on more frequent rides.

  • Pressure points

Sitting on the seat of your bike for a long time can be quite uncomfortable in a normal pair of shorts. However, the chamois is sewn into the bike shorts, relieving the pressure from important parts of your legs and butt, allowing blood to properly flow, and avoiding discomfort from the bike seat pushing into your legs’ pressure points.

  • Moisture

A good pair of bike shorts isn’t complete without the ability to wick moisture away from your skin. Sweat can make any good bike ride very uncomfortable. A solid chamois should be made with a wick-away fabric that wicks sweat away from your body, giving you a dryer and more comfortable ride.

Men’s Vs Women’s Padded Bike Shorts

Men’s bodies and women’s bodies are quite different, especially when it comes to tight-fitting shorts. For this reason, bike shorts aren’t considered unisex clothing. For maximum comfort and protection, it’s important to find a pair of bike shorts that fits you properly.

Firstly, men’s shorts are different than women’s shorts in the chamois used in the crotch area. These are anatomically designed to fit the sex of the wearer. This will not only be more comfortable for you but also allow the shorts to function as they were designed.

Also, bike shorts designed for women tend to have narrower waists and wider hips as compared to shorts designed for men. This design is made to contour more naturally to the body to allow for better performance and fit. On the other hand, Men’s shorts have wider waists and narrower hips as compared to their female counterparts.

Lastly, men’s shorts and women’s shorts generally have different lengths of legs. Women’s shorts tend towards shorter leg length, while men’s shorts generally have longer legs that cover all the way down the length of the quadriceps.

However, these are just general guidelines. If you think that men’s shorts would fit better on you and you’re a woman or vice versa, then that is totally fine. The most important thing is that the shorts fit you well. This means they don’t shift around on you while you ride, providing maximum comfort and security.

Top Women’s Padded Bike Shorts

Are you looking for the best women’s padded bike shorts? If so, then you’re in luck. Below are five of the best padded bike shorts that are perfect for women. All of these shorts are designed to provide superior padding and protection for your body while on your bike. Whether you’re riding for fun or to work, these shorts will ensure that you stay safe and comfortable during your ride.

  1. Women’s padded bike shorts with pockets: BALEAF Women's Bike Shorts

BALEAF’s women’s padded bike shorts are one of the most well-reviewed and popular bike shorts on the market right now. Customers note that the pads are well made and protective, the color choices are excellent, and the fabric is stretchy and breathable. They also have side pockets to hold phones, wallets, etc., so that is a huge bonus!

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They are also notably cheap, and provide fantastic value for the price point, as many consumers note.

However, some customers also say that these shorts tend to run a bit small, or have trouble fitting in general. The sizing chart on the site might not be entirely accurate, so make sure you take that into account before purchasing!

  1. Women’s padded mountain bike shorts: DEALYORK Women's Bike Shorts

DEALYORK’s women’s bike shorts are also an extremely popular product. These have a pad on the buttocks rather than a pad inside the shorts or gel padding, which although some customers don’t love the look of, none can deny the protection it provides.

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Customers note in the reviews that the soreness they experience while riding their bike or peloton is severely reduced when wearing these shorts. They are stretchy, comfortable, and form-fitting, and there are almost no complaints about how the shorts fit.

  1. Women’s padded bike shorts baggy: Cycorld Women's-MTB-Shorts Baggy

Cycorld’s women’s mountain biking shorts are a change of pace from some of the other cycling shorts on this list, as they are baggy bike shorts, and not form-fitting like other women’s bike shorts. Still, they are a fantastic product with very high approval ratings from customers that have tried them out.

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These are specifically for mountain biking, as they absorb shock well, have secure, zipper-protected pockets, and are long for protection as well. They are notably well made and durable, and the elastic lycra waistband and inner shorts still keep the shorts firm and unmoving and wick sweat away from the legs while you ride.

  1. Women’s padded bike shorts with skirt: Beroy Women Cycling Skirt Shorts

Beroy’s women’s cycling skirt shorts are not only protective and effective, but they have a bit of stylish flair to them as well. It seems a lot of women who reviewed this product liked that about them, noting that the skirt was a fun addition that most bike shorts don’t have!

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Most importantly though, they are well-made and function perfectly well. The padding is lightweight but effective, the material wicks sweat away from the legs effectively, and absorb shock to reduce pain very effectively. The padding is substantial and quite effective, and the skirt is thin, breathable, and comfortable.

  1. Women’s padded bike shorts high waisted: DEALYORK Women's High Waist Shorts

DEALYORK’s high wasted women’s bike shorts are extremely well-reviewed on Amazon. They are often described as snug, but not tight, flexible, and durable. The padding is strong and the fabric is comfortable. This combination provides great protection and comfort during long bike rides.

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Some women have commented that the colors don’t look exactly how they do on the web and instead come a little darker, so keep this in mind if you’re ordering with style in mind. However, if you don’t care about the colors, there are almost no negative comments about the actual quality of the shorts.

Many commenters noted that these shorts are especially supportive in the groin area and that they really diminish the pain you might experience in more sensitive areas while long-distance biking or biking many days consecutively. This makes them great for people who bike regularly as a workout or for transportation!

  1. Women’s padded bike shorts for peloton: NOOYME Women's Bike Shorts

NOOYME women’s bike shorts are comfortable and breathable, providing maximum support and comfort with a less bulky chamois than competitors can offer. The material is comfortable and durable as well, making them an all-around solid pair of bike shorts.

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However, some women comment that the padding is more focused on the center and that the sides are a bit thin, so keep this in mind if you’ve gotten pain further out towards the edge of the seat before. Some women have also commented that the fit is a little snug, so perhaps consider ordering a size up!

  1. Women’s plus size padded bike shorts: Eco-daily Cycling Shorts

For plus-sized women, it can sometimes be difficult to find shorts that fit well, look great, and protect all the right areas for proper exercise! Luckily, Eco-daily’s cycling shorts are a fantastic fit for all three of these.

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Customers rave that not only are they comfortable and stylish, but provide fantastic protection as well. Not only do they protect the back, but the front too, which is excellent, as it can sometimes be hard to find in a pair of women’s bike shorts.

Although they are said to sometimes roll up as you ride, many customers retort that this happens with most, if not all bike shorts, especially if you buy the wrong size for yourself. So be very careful and selective with size to try and avoid this problem!


So, there are many pairs of great women’s bike shorts on the market. They all have a few things in common. They are made of material that wicks away sweat and has a chamois that will protect them from the harsh bike seat over long distances.

The most important thing is that they protect you from chafing, moisture, and road vibrations, and alleviate pressure on your pressure points.

Make sure that the pair of bike shorts you’re wearing is what’s best for you! Everybody is different, so everybody needs their own shorts to meet their own unique standards. Still, act fast, because the sooner you get a nice pair of shorts, the sooner you can get back on the road for a smooth and comfortable ride!